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Cessna 172B
Tom with a plane
An aerial view of a mountain range
Photo by Jill Snyder Wallace

Helping You Achieve Your Flying Dreams

Bigelow Aviation LLC is a private aircraft rental company. We not only offer AIRCRAFT RENTAL but can help you connect with the lessons you will need to LEARN-TO-FLY. Or if you have been out of the game and become a Rusty Pilot, no problem, then refresh your skills with us and take your FLIGHT REVIEW. That is all it takes.

Learn to Fly

Learn to Fly

Here is where the adventure begins! Get out there and Take Flight.

Learn to Fly

Rusty Pilots

Get Flying Again

Your Pilot Certificate never expires. Once a Pilot always a Pilot. It's your turn, and we can help.

Get Flying Again

Aircraft Rental

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You have your Pilot Certificate but don't have a plane?  Bigelow Aviation LLC can help you Take Flight.

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“We are passionate about flying here in the foothills of Maine. Our goal is to encourage and guide you to love flying as much as we do. We help build your knowledge and skills so you can continue to grow into your next great adventure. Together we can open up a whole new world with a lifelong passion for flying.”
-Matt Ward


Some may say for the career opportunities, for some it saves time and then for others, it's just for the pure fun of it.

Either way, it all starts with that first flight. Get out there and Take Flight.


Want to find out more about flying and general aviation? Check out the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) website. It is a great resource for news, videos, training and the aviation community.