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Towing an airplane

Pilot Requirements

Requirements for Pilot Certificates

Your Certified Flight Instructor will teach you the basic elements of flying and then use those skills to teach you more complex movements. You will learn how to turn, climb and descend an airplane, then tackle takeoffs and landings. When you are ready you will take your first solo flight.

You set your own pace, the fundamentals of flight will become your foundation for all air maneuvers. Remember, we are there with you every step of the way. 

Below are the requirements for two of the flying certificates available. Take Flight!

Private Pilot Certificate Requirements

  • ‚ÄčAt least 17 years old by the time of your "FAA Checkride"
  • Be able to read, speak, write and understand English
  • 3rd Class Medical Certificate
  • 40 hours of flight time:
    • 3 of these hours of cross-country flight training
    • 3 hours night flight training, which includes:
      • One night cross-country flight
      • 10 full stop takeoffs and landings
  • 3 hours of simulated "instrument training"
  • 20 of these hours from an authorized instructor
  • 10 of these hours of solo flight training, which includes:
    • 5 hours of those hours cross-country time
      • One solo cross-country flight greater than 150 nautical miles
      • 3 solo takeoffs and 3 solo landings
  • Exams Required for Certification
  • Knowledge Test
  • Multiple choice exam administered by FAA authorized facility
  • FAA Checkride
    • Oral Exam
    • Flight/Practical Exam

Remember:  How quickly a given student learns is based on several factors, how often they fly, their grasp of the training material, and their preparation for their flight lesson.